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After completion and opening of the new building of the Mäetaguse Care Centre, the availability of high-quality healthcare and social services at the southern region of the Ida-Viru County will improve significantly. 18 vacancies for nursing treatment, 40 vacancies for 24 h nursing care, 16 vacancies for persons suffering from dementia, and 16 boarding service vacancies will be created. Additionally, day nursing service vacancies (14) will be available (in all, 104 vacancies).
On 28 July 2010, the foundation Sihtasutus Alutaguse Hoolekeskus was established for operating the Mäetaguse Care Centre. The Mäetaguse rural municipality established the Foundation. Proceeding from the Statutes, the objective of the Foundation is to create a possibility for life in dignity and safety for senior and disabled citizens, and support, promote and maintain the ability to cope and quality of life of the customers.
Services of the Care Centre are mainly intended for elderly people from the Mäetaguse rural municipality and southern region of the Ida-Viru County. Operation of the Alutaguse Care Centre is based on holistic approach regarding every person as a whole, recognizing his or her physical, mental, social and spiritual needs and considering these to be of equal importance. The services have been planned with consideration of the real needs of senior citizens – the services need to be of high quality, accessible for the target group and offered as close to home as possible.
40.5 full-time jobs (incl. the Manager) will be created by SA Alutaguse Hoolekeskus, mainly for people living in the area. SA Alutaguse Hoolekeskus wishes to be an important co-operation partner for various health care institutions and local governments, as well as for several third sector organisations. The foundation is also to function as an integrating link between different target groups.
SA Alutaguse Hoolekeskus enters the market as a new service provider. Because of this, the main problem as compared to the competitors is the lack of previous operation experience. However, SA Alutaguse Hoolekeskus is sufficiently distinguishable from its competitors and has several advantages allowing it to launch the offering of health care and social services at the southern region of the Ida-Viru County.
The impact of the Care Home from the viewpoint of new jobs creation is quite significant – according to the project, 41 new jobs will be created in the region and the Care Home will become one of the region’s largest employers. As concerns the estimated turnover, the organisation will be among the largest in the southern region (approx. 10 million kroons per year). The annual operational revenue of Alutaguse Hoolekeskus will exceed the operational expenditure since the first year of operation. Forecasts prepared on conservative basis indicate that operation of the Alutaguse Hoolekeskus is financially sustainable. Additionally, the jobs will result in indirect tax revenues for the region.
All in all, launching of SA Alutaguse Hoolekeskus will have remarkable social and economic impact. All of the elderly people living in the region will be provided with access to high quality and flexible services close to home.